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Whilst we have put years of research into The Kings Cross Sting Private Investigation we still know that there will be many of the missing persons that will not be linking and further research will need to continue.

The Museum World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers is coming ALIVE!

Our Museum will soon be open in Kings Cross again as we go through the links of the outlaw gangs to gain the final information for one of the biggest Police Stings in history.

Operation Arkstone is exposing an Ancient Sex trafficking gang that has existed for many years which the research interlinks back to 1966 for the Beaumont Children in Australia.  Yet there are missing persons that fit a pattern within America as well that we have interlinked too.

We have the history interlinking to American through Michael J. Hand and the Nugan Hand Bank.

The links to the Beef and Bourbon Restaurant to America yet where does all the drug money go that this gang collects?


A missing Person.... definition


A Missing Person is defined as anyone who is reported to Police, whose whereabouts are unknown and there are fears for the safely or concerns for the welfare of that person. This includes anyone missing from institutions, excluding escapees. If you have genuine concerns for the safely and well-being of a person, make a Missing Persons Report at your local NSW Police Force Station.

It is important to remember that going missing is NOT a crime.

The outlaw gangs utilise the children, the teenages as if they send them to do a deed for money it is never really exposed as the money and recognition is done afterwards.  Yes, then they are moving up within the gang for the child's play until it is there time for a Satantic Ritual.

I go through the evidence in many ways, looking at how the victims are groomed.  How they are met and where they are linking into.

We go through the suburbs interlinking to the victims and see this is a gang where a local Kebab shop was a meetup for the alleged up and coming Nomads to Granville just a co-incidence yet this is very real.

We go through the suburbs to the grooming links to a gang.....  Many of the Religious places interlinked yet who are they worshipping?  The Bible or the BiBULL?  The links to the Satanic Cult are very real and alive in Kings Cross.  Walk with us into the underworld and see Kings Cross in a new light!


The NSW Police Force is here to ensure the safely of the public, including investigating the whereabouts of missing persons.



How to report a missing persons?


You do NOT need to wait 24 hours before making a report to police. If you have concerns for the safely and welfare of someone that cannot be located, attend your local police station to make a report as soon as possible.

What police will ask you:

  • The full name and DOB of the Missing Person

  • Physical description or a recent photograph of the Missing Person

  • Details of any mobile phone numbers, social media accounts or vehicle registrations

  • A list of friends/associates or possible locations.

  • What concerns you have, when the Missing Person was last seen or made contact.

  • If known, any medical information that may increase the risk to the Missing Persons. E.g. mental health, dementia or diabetes.

I would add any frequent places they would go on a regular time slot in the week?

I would add any frequent friends that have become very chummy?

I would link to any Bikie links?  Or to any drug dealers?

If drugs are involved then the person can be manipulated to do setup crime's for the Outlaw gang then only a very few will come home... the others will just vanish.


Long Term Missing Persons

There are currently 769 Long Term Missing Persons in NSW. These date back to 1945 and can be as recent as 3 months ago.

Helping with historical Missing Persons is very import as it can assist Police with locating that person or bringing closure to family and friends. You can help with locating historical Missing Persons by being aware of those missing in your local area and checking the NSW Missing Persons Database regularly.

If you believe that you have information that may help police, contact Crime Stoppers to make a report. You can also do this by either phone (1800 333 000).

We will wonder until the Police expose to the public the hidden stronghold in Kings Cross to how many of the 769 long term missing persons will link in.  So help us GOD!

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