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THE BOOKS- Jennifer Stone


Going over the research and links we had I started to comply the research for "The Kings Cross Sting" series to be shared around the world just like Juanita Nielsen would have wanted.  

Alex Petrovic set the challenge down to expose a drug network in Kings Cross that had never been exposed before....

This is Living......  Just the Scorpion tattoo would open doors.  

Informer Madame X.jpg
Madame X
Abe Saffron Legacy

The Police have an Informer number for me.  "X" or now I am fondly known as the Poppy Lady as the poppy I wear is a reminder to all of the drug network that took the lives of so many that planned to expose them.

Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay and even Christopher Flannery going to roll to stay out of prison it was a game for the murderers who have not spent a day in prison.

We go through the crimes whilst the Scorpion gang plans, then plays out the most puzzling of all?  How they work...  This is where Mouse comes in as I expose the system to the authorities by following one of those thugs that threatened my life.

The Bookkeeper and the Scorpion Snitches
The Bookkeeper and the Scorpion Snitches

Each book within the series open up new information and research to help us bring a conclusion to expose a gang that tell us the information where they fear the Police.

This gang thought they were clever, yet what I know will blow the top off the drug network that Juanita Nielsen was doing back in 1975 and found herself a missing person.

The thugs in Kings Cross use the prostitutes to do the dirty work, they don't care as the links to the Police and the Big Boys of crime were unravelling before our eyes.

Dont forget about me.jpg
Don't forget about me

The key to solving Juanita Nielsen's disappearance and typing many thousands of emails to the authorities to look for her lead me to the disappearance of William Tyrrell.

Before I finish this series "The Kings Cross Sting" I owed it to William Tyrrell to expose the thugs behind the disappearance.

Many podcasts and books are written however I am the only one that has placed the position of his skull to an address.

Go through the research and see if I solved the disappearance of William Tyrrell then help me to push the authorities to expose this X position to the Hooked X map to expose the Holy Grail of the drug network still working today.

The Kings Cross Sting series

​I write the series of The Kings Cross Sting based upon getting the Museum to Kings Cross coming alive.

I go through the history from Tilly Devine the notorious Madam, to Abe Saffron and what he left behind hidden in Kings Cross.

I was asked at times by Police, New South Wales Commission to further investigate some crimes and this is how the Reports within the series have come about.

I go through the research I find on the internet and then translate to the Spirits sometimes I need help of Barry Tarot with his guiding spirit Nellie Cameron.

If you have a unsolved mystery in your family or just a tarot reading we can help you as part of our Occult sciences we utilise to understand the patterns in crime whilst building a case for the Police to unravel further.

I'm Jennifer Stone reporting for "The Kings Cross Sting".

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