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Donald Mackay




Donald Mackay was an aspiring local politician in Griffith who became a police informant linking to Sydney Police yet this Police group was protecting as I expose in The Kings Cross Sting the boys of the underworld, blowing the whistle on a group of local criminals with Italian mafia connections who were making millions in the growing and distribution of marijuana in the NSW Riverina district.

What most forgot, was Donald Mackay went missing after Juanita Nielsen and both were exposing organised crime to the root cause the alleged Mafia links from Kings Cross to Griffith to organised crime in New York and further known today as the Calabrian Mafia.

As a result of Mackay exposing the drug ring, a contract was put out for his murder and on 15 July 1977, Mackay was shot in a Griffith hotel car park after leaving the local pub. Mackay's car was found with his blood and other evidence on and around it, but Mackay himself was nowhere to be found.  

While a man was charged with conspiring to murder Mackay, no one has ever been charged or served time for his actual murder. Despite numerous searches throughout the district over the decades, his remains have never been recovered.

What protects the organised criminal gangs is the wall of silence.  Go past the wall of silence is only when you seek to walk beside a gang, to see a gang in another light.

The only person in Australia with a life membership for the Nomads to the infamous Kings Cross Clubhouse is Sam Ibrahim.

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