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Jennifer Stone Private Detective

 Jennifer Stone

Author, Researcher and Journalist

In 2009 Alex and Jennifer joined to work on Business problems to help others yet what we were working on would change our lives forever. 

Juanita Nielsen missing person we opened her unsolved MURDER in 2011 with the thugs threatening our lives.  The danger was surrounding us but as we report the Police turn a blind eye to exposing a drug network that does murder to control the drug runners.


The Sting died in 2015 which has taken the mineral research through Hope Poppy Foundation to come aliveDonations can be made.

The Kings Cross Sting came about to have a record of what was happening as the thugs came in the front door threatening our lives.  So, if we went missing then the evidence could be worked upon by the keyboard warriors.

Join us through the dark streets of Kings Cross and figure out if we expose an Ancient Organised Criminal gang that exists today hidden within a building that has in the past linked to Abe Saffron.

Abe Saffron died in 2006 so I couldn't interview him however I asked the spirits to join me as I typed their side of the stories.

Then I took the information I gained and went through newspaper reports looking for the clues.

Judges would ask me what I did previously I was a Bookkeeper so I was looking for leads that fitted together and I knew the threats to murder us all were very real.

Have we solved a murder?  Or is it just a good book?  You be the Judge!

Join us at Act and Grow Rich teaching others the business techniques that solve problems.

                           Juanita Nielsen

unravels the Outlaw Gang around the world

Juanita Nielsen is a key link which I reopened her missing person case in 2011 after threats to be murdered.  I dialled 000 what I didn't know that this guy was a cops friend.  Juanita Nielsen was exposing this same gang as I expose within "The Kings Cross Sting" series.

When the Police expose what is hidden in the brothel will expose a gang that has terrorised the world.

Juanita Nielsen has been missing from 4th July 1975

Juanita Nielsen link of life.


Juanita Nielsen story of the last hours.

Remember the shooter that was in the alleged Carousel Club Mr L is still alive and lives down in Woolloomooloo is just one who was involved that has remained unsolved happened for a reason as they have never exposed the stronghold within the brothel that linked to the Infamous Pink Pussycat Club which is located opposite the Carousel Club.

Juanita Nielsen's skull will be found at the World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers... The brothel that is kept closed for a reason, the reason is the hidden evidence we expose in "The Kings Cross Sting" Private Investigation.

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